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The Perfect Gift Idea

Affordable Gift Ideas

It can be hard to find a gift with meaning or value on a small budget. These affordable gift ideas are not just cheap - they are also fun, interesting, and unique. So much better than a gift card these gifts show that you had the presence of mind to find and buy something uncommon. Just because you don't spend an arm and leg does not mean you can't find the perfect gift to give.

An Airzooka is a handheld toy that shoots a column of air across the room (up to 20' away as advertised). In fact these will shoot even further than this with decreasing force and accuracy the further away the target. The air that this shoots is surprisingly powerful and is great for shooting loved ones playfully in the face as well as pets from across the room. This is a fun and unique gift item with a very modest price tag.

Give the gift of Googly Eyes that you peel and stick anywhere that would be improved by googly eyes. More fun than they should probably be, people of all ages will have fun sticking these googly eyes on everything.

Giving the gift of a One Year Subscription To National Geographic For less than $20 is one of the most meaningful and pleasantly surprising gifts that you can give someone. 12 times over the next year they will receive a new magazine from National Geographic - something that is sure to capture the interest of anyone regardless of age.

A rare Dinosaur Tooth With Certificate of Authenticity would make a very interesting and unique gift for the right person. Adults and children alike can appreciate the gravity of holding a real dinosaur tooth which makes it a perfect, if not unusual, affordable gift idea. These teeth are randomly selected from an inventory of dinosaur teeth so you can order a few and they will be all different.

This interesting gift idea is a 4200 year old fragment from a Genuine Meteorite which may or may not contain alien brain eating parasites. Parasites aside, people of all ages can appreciate the magnitude of an affordable gift that manages to force you to contemplate your own existence within the universe.

A Credit Card Survival Tool is an affordable and interesting gift suitable for the outdoors enthusiast. This easily portable set provides handy tools for light duty day to day life as well as all of the instruments needed to amputate your own arm if you were to get it stuck under a rock for 127 hours.

A Horse Head Mask is a great gift idea for getting some laughs. A horse head mask is funny on a 90 year old grandmother and funny on a toddler - an affordable gift idea that is sure to result in a lot of smiling. The mask looks rigid but it is actually a loose fitting, light latex which results in the mask moving and bending in every direction. This is likely the reason for how hilarious it is to see someone wearing one of these.

This is a Portable External Battery Charger suitable for charging all types of cell phones and tablets while away from power supplies. Similar in size to an iPhone this powerful charging station holds enough charge to fully recharge an average cell phone 3 or more times and 1-2 charges for tablets. This is the useful kind of device that everyone should own and yet very few people actually do. It makes a great gift.

This is a brain teasing puzzle known as a blacksmith puzzle or a Tavern Puzzle which can keep a person busy for hours trying to solve the mystery. This one is an entry level puzzle however they are available in graded difficulty levels and come in much more challenging orientations such as this difficult and aptly named Patience Puzzle . These make a surprisingly good gift that will stay in the hands of your recipient for hours at a time.

Best Gift Ideas

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