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The Perfect Gift Idea

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time of you but you can end up on gift-giving overload after a while. If you find yourself stuck in a rut and lost for ideas as to what to get someone for a Christmas gift this list will help you out. Consider these interesting ideas that you could put under the tree for Christmas morning.

This is a full size, bigger than life replica of the Leg Lamp From A Christmas Story. Nothing says Christmas more than electric sex gleaming in the window - surprise someone special this holiday season. There are a lot of these types of lamps on the market in recent years however this one is unique in that it is almost 4 feet tall. Most are built to be desk lamps, standing 24" tall or less, but this lamp is big enough to make sure it can be seen clearly from anywhere on your street.

This is an interesting gift item perfect for the winter season. This Bluetooth Wireless Headset Winter Hat has a microphone and and headset built in which allows you to listen to music or use your phone, hands free through your Bluetooth. Battery lasts for up to 6 hours playtime.

This Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Gift Set is the original Christmas gift. This is an ornamental set with a small chest of each item. The gold is 24K gold flakes that are floating in a hand blown glass orb.

What better on Christmas morning to come downstairs and see a wooden toboggan under the tree. This 6' Toboggan is Canadian made, and made from solid maple. This is fully assembled and ready for use right away. If you intend to use this as more than a decorative item consider also picking up this Toboggan Pad.

This is Tinker's Bell Tavern Puzzle which is also known as a blacksmith puzzle. Intricately assembled metal components such as rings, twists and turns allow these to be disassembled in only one specific fashion. An interesting and captivating gift that can cause hours of tedious frustration - and one brief moment of elation when you finally figure it out.

A Massage Chair would be a pretty popular gift on Christmas morning - Give the gift of a realistic feeling, relaxing body massage 24/7/365! Massage chairs have come a long way since the 70's vibrating recliners. This particular model is one with a strong reputation for feeling like a realistic massage, something normally found in more expensive massage chairs, in an entry level price point.

If a massage chair is not the right gift then perhaps this XX large, extra comfy, Comfort Chair is the right thing. This chair comes crushed down to a very small size. Upon opening the package it will grow to be the largest seat in your home! The foam inside expands and makes a unique and comfortable seat - perfect for kids and adults alike.

A perfect Christmas gift is this high quality, old-time Santa Suit Costume with velvet, polyester and silk, and trimmed with faux fur. This is a fun gift to give during the Christmas season and of course can always double as a Halloween costume as well.

This wonderful Christmas gift is an artisan crafted Chocolate Gift Basket that has a huge assortment of Belgian chocolate treats. This gift basket comes with sandwich cookies, nutter butter cookies, chocolate covered graham crackers, Belgian chocolate covered dried fruit, pistachio & cranberry bark, cookie bark, dark chocolate almond bark, pretzel caramel bark and truffles.

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