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The Perfect Gift Idea

Expensive Gift Ideas

When money is no object you require special gift giving ideas that do not apply to the common man. A gift card or a new shirt are simply not going to cut it if your recipient knows that you are wealthy. Perhaps you are having a competition with your ultra elite friends to give the most luxurious gift possible. Lets take a look at some of the unique and expensive present options available to you.

A Pokemon Coloring Book would make an excellent expensive gift item. Make pokemon masterpieces for only $5,000. But this is a coloring book - who cares, it costs $5,000 - aren't you paying attention? Ideally this is well suited to millenial gajillionaires who got in early on the beard oil goldrush of 2015.

This interesting and expensive gift is a plated gold and silver chess set made in Italy. The exquisite workmanship and expensive materials do nothing to improve the quality of the game itself, other than to know that you are simply better than others relegated to play on regular wood or plastic chess sets.

1kg River Beluga Caviar is about as luxurious of a gift as you can give. This exquisite set comes with a set of four mother-of-pearl caviar spoons and the shame of paying so much money to purchase Beluga caviar. Your shame will fade when you give this expensive gift to a friend and watch as their eyes turn from excitement to confusion and finally to horror as you tell them how much your paid for it.

A KISS Arcade Pinball Machine is a great gift to give classic arcade or classic rock fans alike. Now you can roll the pinball all night and rock new high scores every day with this brand new pinball machine. Do you have a friend with an empty games room in one of his mansions? How embarrassing! Get him this pinball machine to help your friend out.

If you are living a real life Brewster's Millions and you need to burn through an inordinate sum of money quickly then you should consider buying an impossibly large telephoto lens for the budding photographer or artist in your life. This bazooka sized lens is a step or two above entry level photography equipment and can be used for selfies, land surveying and National Geographic photo safari adventures.

This might look like a regular watch at first glance to the uninformed. In fact this watch is currently on sale for over $100,000.00 USD - What a steal! If you want a gift that is sure to impress even your richest of friends and family then look no further than this Patek Philippe Platinum Watch . Anybody can wear a $100,000.00 watch but a $100,000.00 watch that doesn't even look special is a great way to out-gift all of your friends.

Spending as much as a new car on a set of Sterling Silver Flatware to eat off of makes a fantastic, extravagant gift. Perfect for young couples just starting out in life, this Italian crafted flatware set is a perfect expensive gift. In the event that the future is a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland these precious metal utensils could potentially be used as currency and in the event that werewolves are a problem this set can be smelted to produce silver ammunition. More than a perfect gift, these are an investment in the future. This flatware set is also useful as a set of spare tools to keep around the mansion.

This perfect expensive gift item is a 6.66ct. Ruby Ring with 50 diamonds which is clearly intended for a witch or some kind of demon conjuring necromancer. If you have a close friend or family member who does not seem to age, this may be the perfect gift item for them. Please note that this ring may in fact be haunted - buyer beware!

There is no better expensive gift than a 275KG Stainless Steel Anchor which is both decorative as well as practical. If you choose to purchase this gift item please note, as indicated in the product listing, this anchor contains small parts which may be a choking hazard and is not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Best Gift Ideas

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