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The Perfect Gift Idea

Gift Ideas For Dad

Dear old Dad deserves a great gift - if you have no idea what to get your Father then consider these hand selected, unique, and interesting gift ideas for Dad. Stay away from ties and socks and try getting him something that he is actually going to enjoy getting. You know that he will appreciate anything that you get him, but it would be nice to see him genuinely surprised when he opens your gift.

This heartfelt gift for Dad is sure to bring a tear to his eye. This is a touching Framed Poem & Photo from either son or daughter to Dad. The poem reads "When I think of all the things you do, the ways in which you care, I'm filled with a sense of gratitude and pride that is always there. I seldom take the time to tell you that I'm happy you're my dad so I'll tell you now what's in my heart You're the best that I could have!"

I nice gift set for Dad is this simple Wet Shave Kit This kit includes a shaving brush, stand, double edge razor and 5 replacement blades. This gift idea is perfect as a simple stand alone kit or secondary travel set.

What better way to tell your Father how marginally adequate he is than with this heartfelt World's Okayest Dad Hoodie sweatshirt. He will shrug with indifference at your touching gift as you share a casual disinterest in the moment together. This Father's day make sure you surprise him with something he might wear sometimes.

Every "Dad" is a master of the grill. Give him the perfect BBQ gift with this BBQ Grill Tools Set that includes 16 accessories and a handy carrying case. While it may not be the most personal gift for Dad, it might get used more than any other gift idea on this list.

An interesting idea for a gift for Dad, and something totally uncommon, is a metal detector. This is a Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector which is an entry level professional grade metal detector. If you are going to raise his hopes with promises of treasure you might as well get him one that can actually locate metal buried underground. This metal detector is much more than a toy and can be the start of a fun new hobby for Dad.

If your Father enjoys golfing then this Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net will be something fun, that he will get a lot of use out of. Large, 7'x8', this net allows for full strength swing practice using real golf balls. This unit is easy to set up or move and will improve his golf game, increase his exercise and provide some fun stress relief - a great gift.

A gift he could really use are these Waterproof Work Gloves. These winter gloves are waterproof and military grade so they will be sure to last and are designed to keep his hands dry and warm in all weather conditions. Triple thick and waterproof gloves are a great gift for any Father that needs to work outside in cold or wet weather.

Nothing says "the perfect gift for dad" better than a new Big Screen TV. This gift idea is a 46" LCD HDTV and you can pretty much count on that he is going to love this more than he loves you. Just try to think of it as he loves you both...he just loves the TV more.

This gift idea for Dad would be the perfect addition to a garage, basement or man cave. A Foosball Table looks and plays like more expensive foosball tables and will provide him with hours of fun. Also great for the kids but be sure to order some Replacement Foosballs for when the inevitably get lost.

Staying with the games room theme, getting a dartboard set as a gift would be a fun and interactive game he can play for hours. This All-In-One Dart Center includes a sisal fiber dart board, mounting cabinet, dry erase boards and two set of darts. Everything he needs to invite some buddies over for a night of drinking and throwing sharp objects around.

Remind your Father that it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. This gift idea is a complete Yamaha Folk Acoustic Guitar Bundle and comes with everything he will need to start learning how to play the guitar. This kit includes a hard case, strap, stand, tuner, strings, picks, capo, a string Winder and an instructional DVD to help him get started.

If you are looking for a cool, fun and interesting gift for Dad that will get him excited then consider this RC Quadcopter that comes included with a remote control, battery pack and onboard camera for filming your drone adventures. Drone piloting takes some getting used to but is a fast growing hobby and something that might become a new hobby for Dad.

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