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The Perfect Gift Idea

Gift Ideas For Men

If you are shopping for a gift for a man then this list will provide you with some ideas that you likely have not considered yet. Instead of going with the standard socks, tie or gift card get him something fun that he will actually get excited about. The gift ideas for men on this list have been hand selected to be unique, interesting and funny - something he will remember!

If you need to buy a gift for a hard working man then this Working Hands Cream would make a great gift. Men can often neglect personal care like skin moisturizer so encourage his improved comfort with this moisturizing creme for dry and cracked hands. This moisturizer is extra concentrated, odorless and non-greasy. Also available in a Healthy Feet Moisturizer formula.

A fantastic gift that any man would love is the Bowflex Home Gym workout station. This is the PR3000 model of the Bowflex series which includes over 50 possible individual exercises, using the same technology that astronauts on the International Space Station workout with. Also doubles effectively as a dust containment system or advanced clothing drying rack.

A great gift idea for any man is this stylish Handmade Leather Messenger Satchel shoulder briefcase. A perfect blend of practical and attractive, this gift is a sure fire hit for just about anyone. Handmade from real goat leather, this shoulder bag makes a perfect, high quality gift.

This is a unique gift set for men called The Man Can which is a toiletries gift pack that includes a bar soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and body mitt - all packaged in a manly paint can! Each product is completely natural and handmade in the USA. This is the absolute nicest possible way to tell a man he stinks!

Some men like it hot and if you need to buy a gift for one of these guys then consider this unique idea - A Grow Your Own Chili Peppers Kit. This set comes with three types of hot pepper seeds, three types of sweet pepper seeds, as well as instructions on how to grow and all materials needed.

If the guy you are shopping for is more interested in eating the hot peppers than growing them, check out this cool Zombie Hot Sauce Gift Set that includes four kinds of Louisiana hot sauce - garlic, jalapeno, habanero, and cayenne pepper. More than zombie themed, this award winning gift set includes a paperback copy of the Zombie Cajun Chronicles; A Time To Run. Despite the zombie theme, these hot sauces are not made to melt your face, instead focusing on flavor with most being in the mild to medium range for spiciness.

A fun gift that is suitable for almost any guy is a floor length Jedi Bath Robe with a gigantic hood and extra long sleeves. Men of all ages will love this comfortable gift, made from 100% cotton velour, however if he is over 65 you should probably get him the Sith Lord version. If the man you are buying for is more of the big, hairy animal type then go for the Chewbacca Fleece Bathrobe.

A perfect gift idea for him is this Jerky Sampler Gift Basket. This basket is loaded with jerky with 22 individual packages of many different kinds and flavors including turkey and pork jerky in addition to the traditional beef jerky. If this is something he will love you can also order the man size Double the Meat Jerky Gift Basket.

Any self respecting guy would love to receive a video game console as a gift. This PlayStation 4 Console with Call Of Duty: Black Ops3. If he already has a PS4 then he most likely does not have an Xbox One Console.

Perhaps not a universal gift for all guys, this Paintball Marker Gun Mega Set would surely be a hit with for many of them! A complete paintball gun set including the marker (gun), 200 round hopper, protective visor with fog-free lens, carrying harness, refill tubes and more. Playing paintball is a great physical activity and something that many guys love to do, so encourage him with this complete starter set.

If you are shopping for a gift for a "car guy" then look no further than this Complete Car Care Kit for car enthusiasts. This kit includes everything that he needs to detail his ride from top to bottom including shampoo, car conditioner, liquid wax, high gloss gel, quick detailer, interior car detailer, two clay bars, plastX, scratchX, microfiber towel, foam applicator and a microfiber wash mitt.

Whether the man you are shopping for is a professional tradesman or hardly ever uses tools, a high quality cordless drill is something that he should own. This is a DEWALT 20V Premium Hammer drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit which is arguably one of the best brand names of cordless tools that you can buy. 20 volts of power is more than enough for any project around the home and professional trades people alike - surprise your guy with this gift that he will use and love!

An interesting "gift for him" is a hoodie sweatshirt...with a twist! This is a Milwaukee Heated Hoodie Kit that comes with battery and charger. Slip the battery into a pouch in the back and have a heated sweater for the whole day. This is a great gift for any guy that spend a lot of time outside.

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