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The Perfect Gift Idea

Gift Ideas For Dogs & Cats

When it comes to gift giving season be sure to remember your furry friends. They might not realize it if you forget to pick them up a special treat - but they will appreciate the crap out of anything you do decide to get for them. Spoil your fur baby with one of the gift ideas from this list:

Does your dog lose his mind when he sees a tennis ball? What do you think he would do if you bought him this econo sized bag of 60 Tennis Balls! You could have an extreme play date at home or bring him to the dog park so he can be a high roller in front of all of his friends - with enough balls to go around for everyone!

1 Pound of Catnip is the gift that keeps on giving to your feline friend. Put on some Bob Marley, or Cat Stevens perhaps, and let your cats enter an entirely new dimension of reality.

If you know a little dog with a big attitude then this Security Dog Hoodie would be perfect as a gift. They are playing the role of security anyway, so you should get them the uniform for the job and make it official. Also available in larger, less hilarious sizes.

It's for the dog...I swear! If your dog would enjoy you blasting tennis balls out of this Bazooka Tennis Ball Launcher then you owe it to your furry friend to get him this gift. Comes with two squeaky tennis balls but also works with any regular tennis balls.

While your cat is coming down off the catnip he will need a place to hole up for a few days. This Cat Climber is over 8 feet tall and attaches to the ceiling, which is perfect since your cat is also attached to the ceiling. With more than enough room for multiple cats, or one very pampered cat, this fantastic gift comes in a box - which your cats are sure to love more than the actual gift.

This Ultimate Cat Scratcher also doubles as a lounge seat for your cat. More durable than your average scratch pad these are designed with heavy duty, glued cardboard with many reviews saying durability is a plus. Natural rounded shape is specifically appealing to cats and the lounge is large enough for more than one cat at a time.

A Dog DNA Test Kit is a very unique and interesting gift. This test will determine through cheek swabs the breed lineage of most dogs. This DNA testing for dogs is suitable as a gift for curious pet owners as well as a tool to help determine if a dog has the MDR1 gene which indicates the potential for drug sensitivities.

A Pet Grooming Table is a great gift for any pet owner. Ideal for hair cuts, nail trimming and for general inspections of the animal. With a hanging leash point for maximum control, and a raised, non-slip platform to work on, taking care of your pet could not be easier. This grooming table is also stainless steel to protect against rusting.

This is a Fence Window for Pets which would make a great and unusual gift for pet owners. With some dogs this could cut down on anxiety barking if they can not see out of the yard they are in. Equally as useful for allowing people to see when your dog is lurking directly on the other side of the fence!

This is the complete Cat Sitter DVD Trilogy box set. This three DVD set includes hours of mice, birds, butterflies and other eye catching things for your cat to enjoy while you are away. Bringing the outdoors inside for your cat is a great gift idea that they will enjoy - or ignore completely.

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