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Gift Ideas For Your Mother-In-Law

Buying a gift for your mother-in-law is like giving a back rub to the IRS agent who is auditing your taxes - a wholly unrewarding experience. This list of gift ideas is designed to help you choose a suitable gift item for your MIL that has a chance, at least to a small degree, to kill her accidentally. You can't kill her directly...obviously. But if she were to accidentally decapitate herself cleaning the razor sharp set of decorative samurai swords you bought her, well that is just natural selection.

These Plastic Stair Treads for carpeted stairs make a perfect gift for your mother-in-law. Anyone who has had these stair protectors in their house knows how deadly these can be. A few of the reviews for this product also mention how they do not fit just right on all stair types and can potentially make the stairs even more dangerous than without them. Sounds like a perfect gift!

Supplying your mother-in-law with a large assortment of Razor Sharp Knives is a fantastic way to incrementally increase the likelihood of a fatal accident in her home. Unfortunately these are legitimate knives and unlikely to break causing injury so you will have to rely on the cruel hand of fate to fill out the other half of the gift tag on this one.

Experts agree that the bathroom is one of the areas in the home most responsible for serious injuries due to the hard surfaces and wet floors. A perfect gift for your mother-in-law is this Waterproof Shower Radio to encourage dancing in the shower. With all that toe tapping and feet moving combined with the water and hard surfaces your mother-in-law is as good as gone. If your mother-in-law is tech savvy you could upgrade her from this waterproof radio to this Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This 3 Piece Rug Set is a great gift that doubles as both a generous gift for the home, as well as the potential cause for the demise of your mother-in-law. Nobody would blame the person who bought the rugs...it would just be a tragic accident that could not have been prevented if she were to trip and fall.

Since your MIL is always complaining about being cold, this Electric Heater sounds like a thoughtful gift to give her. This heater has reviews that talk about the "tip over safety switch" being broken or not existing as advertised, and another reviewer had this heater melt the front plate off and almost cause a fire. Get your mother-in-law this heater and the results might warm your heart and hers alike.

What better gift for your mother-in-law to both impress and potentially maim her than this Commercial Meat Grinder . Available in a 1HP model, this meat grinder is powerful enough to grind chuck into hamburger or your MIL into a distant memory. This gift is a little on the expensive side but consider this an investment into your happy future free of surprise visits from your inlaws.

If you have never heard about Haribo Gummi Candy then you can not fully appreciate how excellent of a gift this is until you read the Amazon reviews on this product. These gummy bears have a sweetener that is known to cause extreme gastric distress - even as few as a small handful of these candies can cause an epic cleansing that requires 12 rolls of toilet paper, an IV drip and a priest to survive. This is two 5 pound bags...enjoy!

Each year in the USA over 500,000 people experience emergency room visits relating to bicycle accidents. Does your mother-in-law have a bicycle? You should get her a bicycle. If you can manage to stay alive they are great for fun, health and adventure so it makes a good gift - to encourage her in the right direction be sure to buy her this Evel Knieval Bike Helmet. Remember, safety first!

If your MIL takes enough vicodin maybe she will fall asleep under this Microplush Heated Blanket and cook like a Christmas turkey. Worst case scenario she gets some rest and hopefully wakes up in a better mood and gets off your back for a few minutes.

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