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The Perfect Gift Idea

Passive Aggressive Gift Ideas

Why would you ever spend money on somebody that you don't like? Well, sometimes life likes to pull your hair a little while you are being bent over and you are forced into this kind of gift giving situation. It could be that you are in a gift exchange and got the short end of the stick, or it could be that you need to buy something for your boss (when you would rather eat the money directly). Regardless of how you have found yourself in this situation the solution is the same - you need a gift that looks innocuous, even thoughtful, but is actually the worst thing ever.

When it comes to terrible gifts disguised as something positive one needs to look no further than unsolicited religious ideals. Give the gift of eternal life and complete happiness with the life-changing book Dianetics By noted science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. This book has an established track record of being able to liberate people from their money and many people believe that Scientology is the most dangerous cult in the world. If that does not make for a great gift idea to give to your worst enemy, while you smile and look them straight in the eyes, then nothing does!

If you are giving a gift to someone with children then this 3-Piece Drum Set For Kids is exactly what you are looking for. Given with a big smile and not a trace of guilt, give their children the blessed gift of music! An expert tip here is to give the drums directly to the children so the parents can not take them away without being a monster. Give the gift of a thousand migraine headaches with this "thoughtful" gift item.

What could be nicer than a lovely Smoked Salmon Seafood Lovers Gift Basket. This generous basket is perfect for any occasion and your recipient will be very impressed with your thoughtful gift. What makes this gift perfect for this list is the fact that you are going to purchase one additional item to add to the basket - surströmming. Surströmming is a Swedish specialty dish made from fermented herring that is commonly considered to be the worst smelling food product on the planet. A can of surströmming should only ever be opened outdoors, under water, while drunk, and Swedish - did you forget to mention that to your recipient? Take a look at this video of people trying surströmming to get an appreciation for just how bad this product smells.

There is nothing better than a sharp looking sweater for a great gift item. This Hideous Masterpiece of a Christmas sweater is enough to make Santa jump in front of a speeding reindeer so be sure to pick one up for that "special someone" on your shopping list. Be sure to insist that they try it on right away to make sure the size is right and that is when you take their picture and post it to every social media outlet you can find.

Your gift recipient is not going to perish in a bizarre mountain climbing accident unless they go mountain climbing. As a gift idea why don't you try getting them this entry level Rock Climbing Harness that is barely adequate to be called a rock climbing harness - but it is! Remember, there is nothing illegal about encouraging people to do dangerous things.

You son of a bitch.

Give the gift that keeps on giving (you cancer). These miracle Weight Loss Drops are perfect for giving to the most fit and athletic person that you know. Take advantage of their insecurities with this great gift item that must absolutely, positively be bad for your health.

While we are on the subject of snake oil, perhaps someone you know needs to have their ions aligned with a spiffy new QRay Bracelet. QRay, despite paying out over 100 million in lawsuits around the world over the last 15 years, continues to sell their product to overly gullible people. Unless you can get your recipient to accept a forehead tattoo of the word "idiot" as a gift from you, a QRay bracelet is the next bet.

If you are forced into spending money on someone you don't like then consider buying them this awesome (totally not awesome) Vegan Gift Basket. This beautiful gift basket includes an assortment of items loosely classified as food, but so long as you can keep a straight face, it will qualify as a real gift. In an emergency situation, this gift basket can double as a fire starting kit.

This Neon Fanny Pack is so incredibly uncool that it might transcend the hip-barrier and actually be cool again somehow. If you need a gift that will stand out then this is the one you want - practical, handy, and easy to find at night. Be sure to buy and gift this item quickly since ownership of this fanny pack vastly increases the potential for random acts of violence happening to you. Give this great gift to someone that really needs an ass-kicking.

This Beginners Acoustic Guitar Starter Package would make a totally legitimate looking gift for pretty much anyone that has ever mused about wishing they played the guitar. It looks like a guitar and comes with a bunch of guitar related paraphernalia, however this guitar is such an immense piece of garbage that it really should be called something else entirely. Un-tunable, crafted from scavenged materials, and actually painful to play (both physically and emotionally) this is a perfect gift idea for when you want to take someone down a peg or two.

The gift of a child's toy is a pleasant gift but if you give someone 884 Pieces Of Lego the next time you see them they will be crawling around on bloody stumps. When you give someone a giant bag of Lego pieces you can rest assured that you are causing at least 100 individual, gloriously painful experiences between now and forever.

This passive aggressive gift idea is a two step process but the results should be worth it. First you need to purchase Animal Temptation Eau De Toilette Spray which is what you will be giving as a caring and respectable gift...almost. Next you need to purchase this bottle of Bear Magnet liquid. Add the bear attracting liquid to the cologne bottle and voila - give the gift of the ultimate irony!

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