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The Perfect Gift Idea

Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything

gifts for people with everything

Shopping for "hard to buy for" people can be a real chore. There are lots of reasons why they might be hard to shop for such as being the type of person that has everything they want already, or sometimes you are trying to purchase a present for someone that is just generally hard to please. The secret to buying gifts for these types of people are to find something interesting or funny, but most importantly, something they did not know they wanted...yet.

This uncommon gift idea is a Knit Hat & Viking Beard combo. While perhaps something that you would not wear every day there is still a pride in ownership of such a funny hat. People who own this hat find a reason to wear a few times per year - even if just for the humor value.

A new Sony PlayStation 4 makes a fantastic gift for many reasons. More than a gaming device, the new generation of consoles are stand alone units that can also provide you with Netflix and internet as well as playing DVD's and BlueRay movies. If you want to give a gift to a hard to shop for person then this is a sure winner for many people. The real benefit is that even when people own a PS4 already they often will not own an Xbox One Console and vice versa. These competing consoles are a great gift item since you can find which the person has already, if either, and buy them the other one.

This is a brain teasing puzzle known as a blacksmith puzzle or a Tavern Puzzle which can keep a person busy for hours trying to solve the mystery. This one is an entry level puzzle however they are available in graded difficulty levels and come in much more challenging orientations such as this difficult and aptly named Patience Puzzle . These make a surprisingly good gift that will stay in the hands of your recipient for hours at a time.

Some people are just tough to buy gifts for. In a worst case scenario an Amazon Gift Card will allow your recipient to choose items from the largest marketplace in the world and have them delivered directly to their door. When looking for the perfect gift idea it is not likely that gift cards come to mind - however they are very practical when you want to make sure that the person you give it to will use it.

This gift idea for hard to shop for people is a GPS DashCam which allows you to film from your dash in 1080p. This is a fairly sophisticated dashcam compared to many on the market with included features such as movement-sensing recording and auto-overwrite of old files so you do not need to constantly erase the internal memory.

This is a desktop sized 3D Printer designed to allow you to design, create and recreate products using different plastic materials. 3D printing is an emerging technology and something that not many people have just sitting around the house. Usually in the range of a few thousand dollars to start, this small 3D printer is the perfect gift for someone who has an interest in learning more about this technology.

This interesting gift idea is a Stained Glass Start-Up Kit that provides everything a person needs to try their hand at stained glass making. Stained glass is very expensive but very appealing to some people - especially artistic personalities. This kit could open the door to a new hobby or even a new passion for the right person. Certainly something unexpected as far as gifts go!

A Massage Chair can make a great gift for the right person. Who would not appreciate being able to get a relaxing massage any time they want? The world of massage chairs is very large with hundreds of models available. This particular model is one with a strong reputation for feeling like a realistic massage, something normally found in more expensive massage chairs, in an entry level price point.

Cards Against Humanity is a card game where you are asked simple questions and you must fill in the blank with an answer from a card in your hand. The absurd combination of questions and responses are responsible for the popularity of the game and will make for a laughter filled evening every time you play it. While this is a great gift item for the right person, this is intended more towards a less conservative minded individual to be sure.

Do you know someone with a sweet tooth? This 5 Pound Chocolate Bar is the size of a pizza box and sure to please any chocolate lover. Now all you need is some comically oversized marshmallows and graham crackers and you are good to go camping. This giant chocolate bar can also be shipped in the summer as it ships complete with ice packs to keep it from melting.

A GoPro Camera is an exciting gift and something that many people do not own yet. Early generation GoPro cameras were quite expensive but there are now a host of GoPro cameras in all price ranges. The brand new versions with the most features like the Hero4 are still fairly expensive however there are multiple levels to the hero series. You can buy a Hero3 series which is available in white, silver and black models - which refer to the camera quality. White are the entry level, silver the middle of the road and the black model is the highest quality camera.

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