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Gifts For Preppers

Gifts for preppers

We all know someone who is a little more prepared than most when it comes to end-of-times. And how do you buy a gift for someone who thinks the end of the world as we know it is coming? Buy them something useful to help prepare for the big event like bugout bags, generators, or a skid of dehydrated food. Or, if you think they are just crazy, maybe you could still get them something they would love, you know, like a tinfoil hat to keep the aliens and government from reading their mind. There are all kinds of gift ideas to be found here for that super-prepared person in your life.

No prepper's library would be complete without The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living. These two books will guide them along their way to successfully prepare for any disaster and long-term survival needs. The pocket guide gives you a simple DIY approach, and breaks down the vital steps you should take into 101 quick, smart and inexpensive projects like how to calculate how much water you need, how to start a food storage plan for $5 a week and learning to cook without electricity. The long-term survival book teaches you how to survive when nothing returns to normal for weeks, months or even years, including first aid and medical treatments when there is no doctor. Also included are techniques and tactics for fortifying and defending your home and even strategies for community-building and creating a new society. If there's only one man and one woman and they need to repopulate the earth...well, that's a whole other book!

Water will be one of the most important necessities of life in times of crisis. Humans cannot survive long without it so give them a gift that will be essential to survival. For long-term power outages or the end of the world, this Survivor Filter PRO-LE Water Purifier is a great option for all of your favorite prepper's water needs. The triple filtration system will ensure the safety of your beloved prepper from the zombie virus or botulism. The fast flow rate allows it to filter up to 17 ounces (500 mL) per minute and filters up to 100,000 liters keeping everyone well hydrated. With three ways to use it and the compact size, it is perfect to take along if relocation becomes necessary. Get a few of the carbon filter replacements since these filters only last for about 2,000 uses. The life time warranty and money back guarantee makes this a smart gift because I am very sure the company that made this will still be around after the apocalypse or nuclear fallout to honor this commitment if the product fails.

Water storage will also be a necessity your prepper will be thinking of, so this AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder will be a great gift. Fill it with any water and they can use the handy water purifier you got them to make safe drinking water. In the event of a near-world ending event access to clean water is going to be a huge concern. Even a mediocre level natural disaster can see water service disrupted or unavailable for extended periods of time. Having this handy 150 gallon water bladder on hand could mean the difference between life and death and any prepper would be happy to make room for something as important as this.

Many people live in urban settings with apartments, condos and houses making it hard for some avid preppers to fully stock and defend against disaster. Get them a handy Bugout Bag for the survivalist couple or the 4 Person Bugout Bag for the whole family. Both of these bugout bags come with a hand-crank power station, mutli-function pocket tool, water purification tablets, three day supply of food and water that have a five year shelf life, 33 piece first aid kit and much more all in a durable backpack. These doomsday prepper items will ensure a quick exit when the government collapses and the riots and looting begin.

Give the gift of life! This Survival Garden will be a great gift for the green thumb prepper. There are 32 delicious varieties of vegetables and fruit that will grow in most growing zones and have high yeild and germination rates. The package is sealed so the seeds will last up to five years or longer if stored at temperatures below 75 F. This gift is perfect for starting over after the nuclear fallout; it even has a growing and seed-saving guide. Throw in this book, Medicinal Herbs: Beginners Guide to help your prepper stay in good health and help other survivors after the apocalypse.

The gift of One Month Of Food is a gift that keeps on giving...at least for 30 days. Each All-purpose Readiness Kit - or ARK - has a total of 330 servings at 2,100 calories per day and a shelf life up to 20 years if stored in a cool dry place. All of the just-add-water meals are individually wrapped in easy to open zip-sealed foil pouches with an oxygen absorber stored in every pack. They contain no msg or high fructose corn syrup helping to keep your favorite prepper fit to outrun any biological warfare. The 6 gallon bucket these meals come in makes it easy to transport and a very useful item to have after the meals are gone. With a kit this handy and healthy, you just might want to buy one for yourself for those days life gets too busy to cook!

Maybe a 30 day supply of food isn't enough for end of days. Maybe you want to give a much longer lasting gift - a one year supply of dehydrated goods! What prepper wouldn't be so proud to receive that. These 9 Buckets Of Deliciousness will supply two people for a year or one person for two years with 23 different meals and an average of 370 calories per serving. It is voted the best tasting compared to other dehydrated meal options, is also rated the lowest cost per meal per day and has the largest servings so this is an easy choice if you are shopping for some serious survival rations. When stored in a cool dry place, this emergency supply can last up to 25 years. The buckets make it pretty easy to store in almost any closet or bunker.

Keep the good times rolling after the power fails with this Gas Powered Portable Generator! No prepper party is complete without the ability to crank the music. Who cares how many zombies are attracted by the sound, that's half the fun of the party! Featrues like an electric start, voltage regulator and overload protection maximizes both the safety and the fun. It has two 120V receptacles, a 30-amp 3-prong receptacle, and a 120V RV receptacle. The rugged 223cc OHV engine produces 4750 watts of peak power and 3750 Watts of rated power, giving you the capacity to run your lights, TV, refrigerator, sump pump, or other essentials with ease. Includes engine oil, funnel, battery, and a wheel kit and foldable handles for easy transport. Just fill up the 4-gallon tank with gas and you're ready to go for up to 10 hours at half load.

Every preparedness kit or bunker needs to have some sort of communication option. Give your prepper this Dual Band Two Way Radio so they can always stay in communication when they need to. This includes a guide that is full of useful information for how to use a HAM radio, whether already have your HAM radio operators license or are just starting out. The HAM radio includes an in-depth manual, antenna, power adapter, earpiece, belt clip, hand strap, battery charger and new 2000mAh battery that lasts between 18 and 24 hours, depending to which of the three available power options it is set. Receives AM and FM frequencies. A great gift for using even before the world goes to hell in a handbasket. Meeting other amateur HAM radio users and enthusiasts will help your prepper network for optimal survival post-apocalypse. Maybe they will even get together and enjoy a few 807s.

They will stay safe when you give them a Complete Home and Business Security System. Good for even the most paranoid prepper, the motion sensors monitor suspicious movement or activity. The door and window contacts detect a security breach and the loud outdoor alarm alerts everyone within earshot that there is an emergency situation. Neighbors are alerted to help and intruders are deterred by the noise. This system is programmable to dial up to six phone numbers when triggered or to play a recorded message or custom sound...like a chain saw and horrific screaming for example.

Why not look great while preparing for the disaster that will end it all? This handmade, classic Tactical Wool Turtleneck Sweater is the perfect mix of function and fashion that can be used before, during or after any disaster. He will look like a man's man when satying warm wearing this strong yet soft pure wool sweater. He could be outdoors for hours whether chopping wood, hunting, or running to a safer location. Available in black, blue and white, but it would probably be best to choose the black so it can hide things like dirt and blood.

At the end of the day, you think your prepper is just plumb loco, completely off their rocker. If their idea of the end of the world involves telepathic aliens, you could simply give them the greatest protection of all...this handmade Tinfoil Hat! The tin (aluminum) foil that this beauty is made of will keep both government and alien mind probes away from all the crazy in their head with the shiny side out for maximum deflection. Even though it is only one size, it is adjustable because it is made large and can be squished as needed.

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