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The Perfect Gift Idea

Romantic Gift Ideas

Buying a romantic gift for your significant other is great when it goes well - and a train wreck when it goes poorly. A great romantic gift is something that benefits both people and brings you closer together as a couple. In this list you will find thoughtful, unique and interesting romantic gift ideas that are sure to be received well.

A perfect romantic gift idea for anybody is a Portable Massage Table . This is an affordable gift that has a much higher perceived value than actual cost, especially when you can find one on sale. A relaxing massage is a great precursor to romance and a massage table is a gift that keeps on giving. Imagine how relaxing and romantic it will be spending an entire evening with a bottle of wine and exchanging massages. This table also folds up and stores easily in a small space.

If you are in need of a romantic gift idea then look no further than this Kama Sutra Getaway Kit . Nothing over the top in this kit but the romantic intention is crystal clear when you give this kit to someone special as a gift. Included in the kit are vanilla body cremes, honeysuckle body dust, lubricant, candles and a feather duster.

A step above writing out your own - as a romantic gift give these Love Vouchers to show how much you care. This small set comes filled out with standard love coupon fare such as candlelit bath and foot rub coupons - there is even one for a weekend getaway! Great as a stand alone affordable romantic gift or add these as a topper to another gift to really dial up the romance.

Sometimes a simple gesture can be the most romantic. This is a Wooden Bookmark inscribed with the phrase "7 Billion Smiles And Yours Is My Favorite". This can be a great addition to a less romantic gift item that you have picked out as it allows you to show where your heart is at with a simple gesture and phrase.

As a romantic gesture why not buy a gift that says "I love you" in 120 different languages? This Love Necklace is inscribed with the phrase "I love you" in 120 different languages and is finished with 24K gold on an onyx pendant with sterling silver. This is also available in yellow gold or plated gold if silver is not to your taste.

For the diehard romantic this is the ultimate gift. This is called Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story which chronicles the tale of your love story through 150 thought provoking questions. Ideally you would purchase this and begin to fill out some of the questions in advance of gifting to your spouse. Over time this can become one of the most precious keepsake items that you can have and certainly a unique and romantic gift.

Perhaps not the most subtle of romantic gifts, but sometimes you just need to make a bold statement with your gift giving. This pair of Two Person Fundies is not sending any mixed signals - this is a novelty romantic gift item that makes clear your intentions to want to be in the pants of the person you give them to. Maybe this would be better as an add-on romantic gift item as opposed to a stand alone present. Either way, this gift is sure to elicit a response.

Go classic with your next romantic gift with this Barrel Picnic Basket set for two. Going on a picnic is the quintessential romantic date activity and this set is better than most on the market. It's less romantic eating off of plastic tableware with plastic cutlery - this set has porcelain plates and stainless cutlery for two. This kit also comes with cloth napkins and of course wine glasses so you have everything you need for a classy, romantic date activity.

Along the same lines as the picnic basket above, or maybe in addition to it, is this Romantic Dinner For Two that includes everything you need. This basket comes with artisan pasta, oil and sauces, breadsticks, and treats for dessert. Give the gift of a romantic dinner for two!

This is a Portable Hot Tub which means that it is easy to set up (and take down if need be) and plugs directly into a standard 110 volt household outlet - so no special wiring is required. While this does represent the entry level of the hot tub market, imagine setting up this hot tub while your spouse it as work and surprising them when they come home.

These are Smittens Mittens which are mittens for him AND her. These come with one "his" mitten, one "hers" mitten and a third "ours" mitten. A simple gesture but anything that puts you in closer contact with your partner, especially in cold weather, is certainly a romantic gift.

There are few things more synonymous with romantic activities than taking a ride on a Bicycle Built For Two . For a surprisingly affordable price tag you could purchase this as a surprise gift for your significant other. Assembly will be required so you will either need to be fairly adept at mechanical assembly or make plans to bring it to a local bike shop for assembly. For the price you can't beat this as a completely out of the box romantic idea.

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