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Unique Gift Ideas

It can be hard to find a unique and interesting gift item. This list has been hand selected to offer some unique gift ideas that you may not have considered. No matter who you are shopping for you are certain to find an interesting idea on this list of uncommon gift ideas.

Go Away Coffee Mug is perfect for the not-a-morning-person in your life. This mug has a clear scale indicator advising when it is safe to approach the owner of this mug. This is not the most unique idea on the list, but one that would be a good gift option for many people.

A Personalized Zippo Lighter can make a fantastic unique gift item and keepsake. Choose your own message to be engraved, with 3 lines included with this lighter, customized for your recipient to create a completely unique gift. Since this is a Zippo product it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Give a corny gift with this Gourmet Popping Corn. This set comes with 9 different types of popping corn, not flavors, making this a gift ideal for any true popcorn connoisseur. This variety pack showcases the different types of popcorn made from different types of corn and is certainly a unique gift idea.

This is a Commemorative Titanic Coal Coin made from coal recovered from the actual RMS Titanic shipwreck. Any person who is interested in history or the story of the titanic would be thrilled to receive this unique gift. This gift also comes with a certificate of authenticity and presumably, a curse.

A true coffee lover doesn't drink it by the cup, or even by the pot, but by the chest. For a unique gift idea give the coffee addict in your life this Treasure Chest Coffee Sampler which comes with 15 different kinds of gourmet coffee. In the event that your recipient is more of a tea drinker then consider this 80 count Tea Box Sampler.

This micro Home Theater Projector is a very entry level projector but still suitable for watching movies and playing video games through the HDMI port. Being as a typical home theater projector would easily cost ten times as much as this projector, you can expect there are some limitations in terms of brightness and contrast however this little projector delivers surprisingly good results given the diminutive price tag. This is a unique gift that could really surprise someone!

A neat gift idea if you are seeking something unique is a Custom Street Sign that you can have personalized to suit your recipient. These are novelty signs, plastic and printed only on one side, but they are unique.

There are few things in this world that are universally loved as much as bacon. Give the gift of universal love with 3 pounds of Gourmet Bacon in this unique gift basket. Included in this basket is 1lb cracked pepper and garlic bacon, 1lb chipotle bacon and 1lb applewood smoked maple sugar bacon.

A unique gift item that is thoughtful, thought provoking and something that can be tailor suited to the personality of the person you are gifting to is a magazine subscription. Rolling Stone, National Geographic, TIME, Entertainment Weekly and Reader's Digest all offer heavy discounts for yearly subscriptions which makes this gift idea both unique and affordable.

Nurturing the artistic and creative side of someone makes for a great gift idea. This is a 142 Piece Art Set that any artist would be happy to receive as a gift. This set includes artist pencils, pencil crayons, pastels and watercolor paints.

Give the gift of language with this unique gift idea. The Rosetta Stone is the most recognized language education system in the world and available in all major languages to suit any persons interest. The lessons are interactive and based on reading, listening and pictures which results in the fastest language learning system anywhere.

If you know someone who is an outdoor adventurer then this Inflatable Kayak Set might make a unique gift idea. Perfect for people looking to explore the world of personal watercraft and also ideal for backpacking use - this is an interesting and uncommon present idea.

This Double Hammock includes a stand and makes a very unique gift item. The hammock has a weight rating of up to 450 lbs and collapses down to a surprisingly small carrying case making this a very versatile gift idea.

This is the ultimate in unique gift ideas. This is a 1 Square Foot Plot of Land in Scotland. Already this is a very cool gift idea since the documentation you receive is well put together, including an actual deed for the property you own, and proceeds go towards preservation of Scottish lands. You are able to go and visit your property at any time and you also get the designation of Laird (Lord or Lady) as part of being a land owner in Scotland.

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